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Welcome To Bargain Cloud Hunter

Welcome to my website. My name is Siamak Kosari and I am a freelance web developer with a penchant for bargain shopping. When I started out with AWS I was amazed at how easy and affordable it was to run your own VPS (Virtual Private Server). I was even more amazed when I started to hunt for alternative cloud services from competing companies. With an eye for performance my first search led me to Google cloud services where you would get roughly the same VPS for the same price but your VPS was on a more modern processor. With that initial search I continued to look for a better bargain and possibly higher performing hardware which led me to Vultr where for half the price I could rent the same amount of resources for my VPS and they even had an option for NVME storage for just a little more. I thought to share my bargain hunting experience which is why I created this website. My primary mission is to create YouTube instructional videos on how to create different websites using competing cloud providers, so this website is here to provide accompanying step by step written documents. So please enjoy and share my content.