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Welcome To Bargain Cloud Hunter

Welcome to my website. My name is Siamak Kosari and I am a freelance web developer with a penchant for bargain shopping. When I started out with AWS I was amazed at how easy and affordable it was to run your own VPS (Virtual Private Server). I was even more amazed when I started to […]

AWS Static Website

FREE* Static Website W/ SSL on Amazon S3 + CloudFront CDN W/ Third Party DNS Step By Step for Beginners

Set up your S3 Bucket If you have your website files handy get those ready and skip ahead to the Uploading your static website but because this is a beginner tutorial I will deviate from that and go into a quick tutorial of how you can build a static website. First thing we need is […]

Vultr Wordpress

WordPress + SSL+ 2FA $5/Month with Vultr Step by Step for Beginners

This is a step by step breakdown of how to build a WordPress website with SSL encryption with 2 factor authentication on the Vultr cloud service. If you have a Vultr account log in and move on to the next step, otherwise please use the following link to create your own Vultr account and receive […]